• Feb 06, 2015
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Designer Inspired: Courtney Lake

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It's time for our fifth featured designer in our Designer Inspired Series of pink ribbon welcome mats exclusive to Carpet One Floor & Home. We're already almost halfway though our amazing collection. Remember, there are 12 designs so we'll be featuring one designer and their inspiration each month. This month we're taking a closer look at the welcome mat design from Courtney Lake. Courtney's beautiful simple design in pink and gray is perfect for Valentine's Day or any day.

Courtney was inspired by aerial views from his air trav­els. He noticed that in any area all roads, no matter how confusing, lead to common ar­eas. "I think in the fight to find the cure to the disease, there are many different roads to take but they all are heading towards a cure." says Courtney. The researches that our pink ribbon welcome mats help support are headed down many roads towards a cure. And they continue to find new roads and new treatments as they search for a cure.

Courtney Lake Pink Ribbon Welcome Mat from Carpet One

About Courtney

Known by many as lively, stylish, and inspired, Courtney Lake is proud to be one of the premier interior designers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Specializing in creating functional and beautiful spaces in the residential market, Courtney also does his share of home staging and photo styling. He is an expert at flawlessly meeting his clients’ needs while designing superb spaces with timeless style mixed with a healthy dose of humor.

Learn more about Courtney at MonogramDecor.com.  

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